Hey, human! You communal creature, you!


Want to honor ancestral wisdom by practicing the ancient African practice of communal healing?


In our modern world, we’ve lost touch with our neighbors. And so, we’ve lost touch with ourselves. 


As a result... 


we’re stressed

we’re overwhelmed

we’re juggling multiple plates—on our own

we’ve got 99 problems 

& loneliness is one of ‘em

...and loneliness kills.


Our ancestors knew that the ill of one was the ill of all. They understood that healing was a group endeavor.


Cue in journaling.

Cue in journaling with a circle of peers who have our best interest at heart.

Cue in storytelling—because our stories matter.

Cue in renewed peace of mind and strength  for the journey ahead. 


Cue in...



Njo Healing Circle

Njo is the Biangy word for Sacred


99 prompts conjured while pondering the strengths of Orishas Oyá, Oshun and Yemaja 


Let’s heal and imagine a new world—together


2020: the year when our collective eyesight got clearer. The veils have been lifted. We’ve re-learned the power of community. 


Let’s lean into that power. Let’s lean into the power within too.


These journaling prompts will help you shed layers and unearth a more confident version of yourself.


  • If you crave community

  • If you want to experience communal healing

  • If you want to tap into your power 

  • If you want to embark on the unraveling and rebuilding of self

These 99 journaling prompts are for you.

Grab this PDF. Invite your friends and family to a healing circle where you journal and share, and heal together.



You facilitate a journaling session with your peers using the prompts.

You, the facilitator, ask a question or two at a time, and give guests time to write their answers. You then open the floor for sharing. You provide sacred space for guests by being an active listener.


These sessions can be conducted online via zoom.


You can use these prompts for solo journaling sessions as well, but I really do recommend developing an unearthing practice that includes your community.


The PDF includes additional instructions on how to conduct your own journaling session.


Imagine weekly/monthly sessions with your sacred circle

Imagine support in between sessions—as the prompts have bonded you closer together 

Imagine looking in the mirror & seeing god


Imagine taking deeper & fuller breaths, because you’ve made self-care a priority 


It’s time to manifest the above.